If Americans were to choose one food to eat for the rest of their lives, it would undoubtedly be pizza. Americans were found to consume an average of 100 acres of pizza daily or the equivalent of 350 slices per second. In addition to that, about 90 percent eat at least one slice of pizza per month. It is clear that pizza is tremendously popular and people can get their daily dose of pizza from Franklin restaurants.Slice-Into-This-Get-Your-Serving-of-Pizza-from-Franklin-Restaurants-e1435031855776

Pizza traces its beginnings all the way back to the 1700s in Naples. Early pizzas were eaten for any meal and could be bought from informal restaurants or street vendors.

In America, pizza was first introduced in the 1900s when Italian immigrants set foot in the United States. The first documented pizzeria in the U.S. was G. Lombardi’s located in Manhattan. This pizzeria is still operational to this day, although in a different location.

Since Lombardi’s, numerous pizzerias starting popping up, but the industry truly started to take off beginning with the launch of the famous Pizza Hut. From then on, different pizza franchises set up shop. Pizzas are not solely bought from these pizza chains. Restaurants, like The Willard, also offer their own brand of pizza. This means that virtually everywhere you go, you’re sure to be able to get a slice of pizza, should you have a sudden immense craving.

There are countless pizza toppings to choose from and people are still finding new ways to make pizza interesting. Despite all that, however, one particular topping still dominates: pepperoni, and for good reason. When one says the word ‘pizza’, most of the time what automatically comes to mind is a pepperoni pizza. In the U.S., a research found that a large percentage of pizza ordered have pepperoni on them. The topping that comes in second is sausage.

Those who are craving for pizza right now should stop what you’re doing and head over to restaurants that serve pizza in Franklin, such as The Willard, which offers unique combinations of toppings apart from your traditional choices, and even lets customers build their own.



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