Welcome to the Willard

The Willard is known for get-togethers with friends, family, good food, outdoor dining, and an all-around good time. Our specialties are pizza, chicken wings and a wide variety of spirits.  If you are planning a party, The Willard is the place to call. We are located at 99 N. Main St. in downtown Franklin, 1 block north of the courthouse. If you are looking for restaurants in Franklin that have good food, a great selection of spirits, and a place with great ambience to enjoy your friends’ company, come to The Willard.

Classic Charm, Contemporary Taste

The building in which our restaurant is located in was originally a hotel in 1922, and even a house way before that. When it was finally refurbished into a restaurant, the then-owners decided to keep much of the original design and structure of the building intact, preserving its classic look. Patrons can admire the timeless design of our interiors and our historic (and arguably trademark) brick exterior. Of course, we are not one of the best restaurants in Franklin for style and ambience alone.

We serve a variety of mouthwatering meals and snacks to satisfy your appetite and tickle your taste buds. We serve burgers, sandwiches, Mexican platters, and even salads. Our establishment is perhaps best known for its chicken wings and pizza, especially since we allow patrons to customize and build their own pizzas. Those hankering for a delicious pizza in Franklin can always drop by our restaurant and create their own lip-smacking masterpieces.

A Bevy of Beverages

Ever wish you could visit a stocked Franklin bar that has an extensive selection of beers and fine liquor? The Willard boasts more than 75 kinds of beer from which to choose, from conventional and craft brands to select imports—an assortment large enough to please even the most discerning beer connoisseurs. We also have a reserve of fine wines and spirits for you to choose from, perfect for when you prefer to hold a more formal or more intimate dinner with a special person. We carry whites, reds, and champagne.

Where Friends Meet

Among the various Franklin restaurants in the area, The Willard is a favorite haunt for local regulars, and it is not hard to see why. Our restaurant boasts outdoor dining areas that overlook the fascinating Johnson County Courthouse, a building listed under the National Register of Historic Places—they make great hangouts with family and friends. We also have a private bar that can be rented for parties or for large dining groups. Whatever the occasion may be, The Willard is truly a place “where friends meet”.

Whether you are a Franklin local or just passing through, a fanatic pizza lover or an enthusiast of libations, The Willard has it all. Come for the atmosphere and the food, and stay for the excellent customer service and company.

Bar: 317-738-9668

Carry Out: 317-738-9991

Willard Lunch Specials




Drink Specials Open – Close

Willard Drink Specials Open - Close

Monday Pitchers of Miller Lt. $4.50
Tuesday Half off Premium wine bottles $11.00
Wednesday Buckets of Domestic Beer, 5 for $10.00
Thursday Well drinks $2.50
Sunday Buckets of Domestic Beer 5 for $10.00
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